Betsy’s Mum Consultancy

Fewer and fewer families enjoy nutritious, homemade meals together. Having little time, a lack of cooking skills or a limited budget are some of the reasons parents cite for choosing processed and convenience foods over home cooking. We are on a mission to make food nutritious and fun again, for all ages. Which is why we set up Betsy’s Mum Consultancy.

Betsy’s Mum Consultancy offers a bespoke nutritional and culinary service created specifically to help you achieve your healthy eating goals.



Who is it for?

Betsy’s Mum Consultancy was created to help anyone struggling with healthy eating:

  • Mums and Dads wanting to get their fussy eaters enjoying more variety of foods.
  • Parents wanting to cook from scratch but having little time or a limited budget.
  • Restaurant or café owners wanting to inspire their youngest clients with a healthy and cost-effective kids menu that get the thumbs-up from parents and kids alike.
  • Families struggling to cater for everyone’s eating habits, food likes, dislikes, intolerances…
  • Nurseries or schools looking for ways to improve their weekly menus within budget or inspire children through food.
  • Parents who never learnt how to cook and feel they would benefit from learning some basic skills that will allow them and their families to enjoy preparing and eating homemade meals together.
  • People suffering with chronic health conditions that may benefit from targeted nutrition.
  • Parents wanting to engage with their kids through food and cooking.
  • Or anyone simply needing a helping hand in the kitchen.

Who runs the Betsy’s Mum Consultancy?

It is headed-up by Sara, Betsy’s Mum, and the Betsy’s Mum Nutritional Therapist, Stephanie.

Sara is the inspiration behind Betsy’s Mum and brings with her a wealth of knowledge in encouraging children to eat healthy and nutritious meals. Her daughter Betsy, who eats pretty much anything, is living proof of Sara’s abilities. Sara’s engaging, fun and proactive approach inspires all ages in the kitchen.

Stephanie covers the nutrition side, using her expertise to apply nutritional therapy to those in need of targeted nutrition and ensuring meals are nutritionally balanced for the whole family.

Together they enthuse a passion for healthy eating that even the fussiest of eaters will find hard to resist.

What does a Betsy’s Mum Consultation involve?

Each consultation is different and entirely dependent on your nutritional needs and healthy eating goals. Sara and Stephanie will meet you for an initial face-to-face consultation to discuss these with you. From there they will devise your bespoke healthy eating plan which may include:

  • Realistic and nutritionally balanced menus specifically created for your family
  • Recipes to inspire everyone
  • Techniques in tackling fussy eating
  • Basic cooking skills
  • Nutritional recommendations for individual family members

and more…

Whatever your goals, we will work with you to help you achieve them.

How much does a Betsy’s Mum Consultation cost?

It depends on what you want to achieve. Email us your healthy eating concerns, hopes and dreams and we will give you a call to chat through our recommended approach and cost outline.

We look forward to hearing from you.